AI LIVE 3D body profiling

AI LIVE 3D body profiling

AI LIVE 3D body profiling

Generate instant 3D Avatar of your body without any external hardware. We achieve this by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology, we use computer vision and lots of complicated Algorithms.

Our technology proposes a new method for vision-based human body profile. A moving object segmentation algorithm is first proposed to distinguish the human body from the background using the images. The objective of body profile estimation is to locate five significant body points, including the head, tips of the feet, and tips of the hands.

Experimental results show that the approach can efficiently and effectively locate the significant body points for most profiles.


Main benefits of implementing machine learning in manufacturing

We will guide you through the entire process, from consulting the appropriate technology for your company’s needs to building solution and implementing it in your existing infrastructure.


Reducing manual labor
Increase productivity

Mining companies can take numerous advantages from replacing manual labor with automation

First, when it comes to analysis samples, smart algorithms deliver more reliable results in a much shorter time compared to traditional methods.

Second – image recognition can automatically determine the type of discovered minerals saving time and effort for onsite workers.

Third – automated vehicles and network that consist of intelligent sensors significantly increase safety in work environment ultimately leads to cut costly delays in operational processes.

Increase productivity with AI

Artificial intelligence that shifts raw materials mining from a people-oriented operation to a process-oriented one is critical to upgrading accuracy, error elimination, and faster decision-making processes.


Advanced-Data Analysis
Automation labor
Safety & Compliance
Supply chain optimization

New opportunities

Machine learning and computer vision make it possible to automatically determine the rock samples, and drilling data can examine the type of discovered minerals with the highest high level of accuracy. Reducing the amount of human labor (people no longer need to collect data physically) helps mining operators cut operational costs.

Mining operators can take advantage of embedded sensors

They can install automation tools to remotely control their assets and design automated-triggered scenarios and interactions that should occur under certain conditions. Specifically, Automated Guided Vehicles are gaining more and more recognition in the mining industry.

Mining vehicles, drones, autonomous drilling systems, and hauling fleets simultaneously increase safety in the work environment and operations productivity.

Reduces the need for human presence

Automating mobile assets equipped with wireless sensors that can gather data reduces or removes the need for human presence on-site, leading to increasing workforce safety.

Moreover, predictive analysis and insights conducted by AI solutions such as remote sensors allow mining operators to foresee better and prevent any dangerous incidents. A sophisticated AI-based tracking system, enabled with wireless-connected devices, provides operators with the capabilities to coordinate workers and – if necessary – warn them not to go to certain areas.

The supply chain is a crucial success factor in creating a superb customer experience.

No other factors could cover the last-mile disruptions preventing customers from getting what they paid for as soon as possible. A smooth and seamless supply chain increases the organization’s efficiency and improves customer satisfaction.

However, typically the supply chain was also the most vulnerable stage of a business’s workflow because of the variety of factors that could potentially influence the whole process. AI, yet, could tame them by releasing potential bottlenecks.

AI algorithms analyze the entire array of multi-sourced data (such as warehouse locations, product flows, demand forecasts, planning, scheduling of manufacturing operations, and so on) to enable businesses to establish the best possible process.